Were The Fugawis

Fugawis is the new series by History Channel following the daily lives of several motorcyclist in the Fugawis Motorcycle club. The group originates from Hudson Valley in Upstate New York. It is lead by President Mudflap and the Vice President Medicine Man. Despite the gang’s overall dark and intimidating image these are just regular guys with a little extra heart and balls. It’s a lighthearted show with a few curse words thrown around but it’s still fun. Compared to shows Warlocks Rising and The Devil’s Ride which showcased motorcycle gangs as criminals. These are family men with high cholesterol. The show premiered September 3rd on History Channel taking the Tuesday night spot from Shelby Stanga The Legend of the Swamp Man.

Trust me this group of guys will become everyone’s favorite. Each guy has their own trait and work real jobs. Pat is a sanitation worker by day and is a gourmet chef as a hobby which comes in handy for this hungry group of guys. Motorcycles are their first love and food is their second. In a world of the same drama filled reality shows about famous people who are starving for attention this actually has some heart and soul to it. A group of friends who have been together for decades share their family lives and work lives with millions of viewers every week.

On the first episode the guys are digging themselves into a serious construction project building an inside bathroom. After tirelessly digging away at dirt the guys broke the budget spending the club’s money on a machine to dig the rest of the way.

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